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For more than 20 years, in-visible manages projects, small or big, covering extensively audiovisual communication and graphic creation. With experience and continuous fascination, we frame our missions and deploy to our customers a subtle and wide open interface.

Our offer divides in two fundamental complementary domains, sales and services.

On the sales side, we have elaborated a particularly selective product range based on a permanent technology watch and our long experience in audiovisual production and video signal knowledge. Be it for digital postproduction, image analysis, surveillance system management, mobile and stand lighting, screen calibration, color printers, powerful graphic workstations... we have cutting edge solutions or study your request with care.

in-visible’s service offer has exploded with the event of digital imagery. It can be seen as three main domains:

...as well as complementary services like shooting or editing equipment rental. You can have a look at some of our creations in our portfolio.