Interactive Media

Interactive media has been declared a hype since Philips's CDI and video discs, in the late 80's. Since, real time visualization technologies have evolved SERIOUSLY when you see what immersion video games can now provide. Although WEB-3D hasn't seen any standard arise, there is still motivation and hope with HTML5/WebGL.

We have experiences with the best platforms, like the once nearly standard Viewpoint and have even designed our own GYROVISTA™ Web enhancement for fast pseudo-3D.

Techniques are now wide spread, be it 2D or 3D, and used on the Internet in WEB stores and other product or project-demoing or in standalone applications.

  • Applications
    • Corporate internal and external communication
    • Public information system & Kiosks [POI | POS]
    • Museum
    • Educational and training content
    • Product catalogues
    • Product demo
    • Games
    • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Net based distribution
  • Local storage based systems
    • CD-R
    • DVD
    • Blu-ray
    • HDD
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