Consulting & Project Management

Eventually a customer comes with just a spark of an idea, a not very clear expressed request or problems that need serious experience and mind-bending readiness. One of our strength is rapidly defining if it's in the boundaries of our limits, and if it is, uprising the effort of analyzing widely the request and possible addressing, leading us to a constructive discussion with the customer on possible treatments.

This is nothing else than consulting, always basically needed before one can decide if there is any economically feasible solution in view and if it could meet the desired timeframe. Not only particular production models are aimed at here, but projects can range from complex streaming server installation, coping with multi-thousands of connections, to long term media archiving and management, fast storage area networks for video editing, software development, the concept of audiovisual classes or central media distribution from a server in schools... and even forensic image analysis.

The next stage would then be project management, where all the previously planned steps have to be perfectly organized and time managed with budget respect in mind. We like to stay with our feet on the ground, and handle your project in a feasible frame, rather than letting rise unimagined risks.

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