Time-lapse is a fascination. Just like slow motion.

Tweaking time is only possible in cinematography, unless you are able to travel faster than light! We love it, and find it a very helpful expression mode in lots of situations. As very impressive shots can be done in just some hours, the real challenge is camera motion and very long term [wireless controlled] camera installations, over month or years.

We have assembled specially selected equipment to make high quality pictures possible that are in no way to compare to surveillance cameras. CCTV cameras, even IP-cameras, give you at best web quality.

We think it is preferable to shoot at highest possible quality and decide later how the pics are going to be used. With at least 4K [quad HD sized] pictures, every single picture of our time-lapses can be used as a printable image in the quality you expect.

Talk to us early, as installation of long term time-lapses need serious and sometimes non awaited time consuming preparations, but they generally pay off over years.

timelapse timelapse