Gyrovista™ is an in-house in-visible product who fill the gap between static 2D and 3D real-time web-representation of objects. It suits as well as a fancy logo effect, as product representations in an online shop, where seeing the object from all angles can be an important sales argument.

The advantage on real-time 3D is license price and working in potentially any browser automatically without a user download or installation require!

  • Easy customer interactivity
  • Fast mouse interactivity with absolute real-time feedback experience
  • Realistic object appearance compared to real-time rendering engines
  • Can be based on real life pictures as well as 3D models or protoypes
  • Increases sales potentiality with rapid return on invest
GYROVISTA™ can suit:
  • E-commerce product pages
  • Interactive auction sales catalogue
  • Interactive screens in museums and exhibitions
  • Interactive digital signage and POI POS
  • Product launch & marketing tests
Technical advantages:
  • No need to redesign your existing WEB site
  • No special or dedicated server required
  • No learning of complicated authoring tools or languages
Web surfer’s advantages:
  • No plugin required
  • No Flash, Java or other special software engine installation required
  • Works virtually with any OS or browser
  • Not blocked by firewalls, proxy or rights management policies
  • Does not require faster computers or graphic accelerators
Economic advantages:
  • Fix price per object [as far as dimension don’t exceed 75x75x75cm]
  • No hidden costs
  • No annual license nor pay per user click
  • No broadcast key nor linked to a fixed URL
  • Totally free for end users

>> See more samples on our gyrovista mini-website <<